TIBE 2019

Reading Israel

As a young state made up of people from diverse cultures, Israel, with its 8.5 million inhabitants, is home to a rich and rapidly evolving literary scene.  
While influenced by old, even ancient Jewish traditions, as well as history, society and culture, Israeli literature has nonetheless played a central role in building the country’s modern identity. Indeed, Israeli authors have embraced what they see as a responsibility for reviving ancient Hebrew and transforming it into a language of modern expression.
Contemporary Israeli authors enjoy great international success and are widely translated, thereby making a strong impact on global intellectual thought. Children’s literature also commends great respect in Israel; established modern Israeli writers such as Meir Shalev and David Grossman also have authored books for children and young adults, enjoying significant international success.
Welcome to the Israel pavilion! Browse through the books, find a cozy place to sit, and dive into the text. A whole world of themes is on the shelf – history, Jewish wisdom, culture, novels, education, innovation and lots more. These books bring Israel as close as possible to Taiwan, so enjoy the journey!
No anthology of Israel’s literature in Israel would be complete without including the work of Amos Oz, who is the most translated Israeli author. We have designated a section as a tribute to Amos Oz, who passed away in December 2018.



12 Feb – 17 Feb, 2019

Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, Hall 3

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