Remaking of Culture.Rebirth of Industry

2016 Yilan International Cultural and Creative Forum

Design and innovation is an essential promoter of culture and industries.
The forum of “Remaking of Culture.Rebirth of Industry” focuses on the traditional industry and the innovation of local culture, and is held at the invitation of Loftwork, Itay Ohaly and Five Metal Shop. The speakers shared their experiences on the industrial transformation under different cultural backgrounds, bringing together the relationship among creative strategy, cultural innovation and industry transformation. Through the in-depth dialogues the forum brought diverse perspectives and visions to all participants.


Deepening and transforming the Local Industry: Loftwork X “USIO Design Project” – Experience and Imagination from Japan (Speaker: Huang Yipin, Fab Master, Loftwork Taiwan) Loftwork and the Ishigaki City Office jointly launched the “USIO Design Project”, a project to re-design local products. By sharing the process of the making of the local products and calling for participants, it attracted a lot of attention. In addition,, considering the geographical proximity, a cross bordered team of Taiwan and Ishigaki has established. Furthermore, a project to recruit the local travel routes was also launched, making Ishigaki a more travel-friendly destination.


Hida City, Tobimushi and Loftwork established a joint venture “HIDAKUMA” in April 2015, with the goal of forest restoration, hand-craft preservation and local industry innovation. In addition to using the local rich resources of wood to develop products, a digital working base “FabCafe HIDA” has been created to allow the local craft to be digitized and therefore being preserved. FabCafe HIDA is also open for oversea designers and providing accommodation package for corporate clients. The project aims to revitalize the local vibes with the concept of preserving the nature as well as the traditional crafts.


Design Innovation with Cultural influence: Itay Ohaly x “A Seat for Yilan”- Design Lab: The Design Method with No Limits ( Speaker: Itay Ohaly/Industrial Designer, Lecturer at Holon Institute of Technology) Known as using experimental method in his design process, Itay Ohaly specializes in transforming life experiences and observation into his design. In the case of The Duck Chair, he took children’s behavior into consideration to create a fun and secure sitting object.


Rebranding of the Traditional Industries: Five Metal Shop x Family-run Factory “No.30” – From a Gas Stove Manufacturer to Entering Wallpaper* Shop (Speaker: Chingwen Chen, Founder of Five Metal Shop)
Five Metal Shop (FMS) is a design studio focuses on rebranding the small and medium sized companies in traditional industry. FMS assists clients to find problems under their existing cultural values and commercial reality, and customizes their designs and proposals. No. 30 comes from a traditional, family-run factory. They constantly work with international designers to explore new possibilities. Every object from No. 30 is sophisticated in details and is accessible yet not normal, characterizing different qualities in textures.