JIN HO Design Project

Good Design from Yilan

“ JIN HO ” comes from a Taiwanese phrase pronounced with Yilan City’s accent. It means “ Very Good” design comes from local industries in Yilan.


This project has been bringing designers and local manufacturers together, trying to build a new model of innovation for local industries’ development. The collaboration between “traditional skills in manufacturing” and “creative ideas in design”, encourages local business owners to open up new lines for their products and services. The year of 2016, with JIN HO Design Project, we witness Yilan city, its industries, and good designs are forming a positive relationship for its future development.


To promote the development of cultural and creative industries in Yilan County, the three industries (stationery, toys, furniture) and three arts (wood, cloth and paper) and traditional manufacturing industries are promoted by the policy of the county, as local businesses are encouraged to use local materials as the element for the product development. In addition to the local businesses, cooperation from public sectors are also received, including 10 local businesses in Yilan and 9 design companies.


Yilan local industries: JI WEN TANG, Baimi Community, AGRIOZ, Wood Workshop, Eastwoodwork, Mao Fuo LLC, Cromat, Zenflower, Yilan County Lanyang Museum, Jiaosi Township Office


Designers: Itay Ohaly, graphic design LAB, MORE Design, PiliWu-Design, CHARGER / CHANGER DESIGN MANAGEMENT, Wonderfuldesign Studio, YHHY Design Studio, RayDot design, Hank and Maxwell Design Studio


Jin Ho Design Project focuses on local features, industry techniques and traditional crafts from Yilan, by bringing design into the industries in hope to provide added values to the local businesses. Through discussions between local companies and designers to find new directions of product development, technique application and service design. We also incorporated ideas from the business channels, hoping to create real benefits for every participatory group.


The proposed products at the last stage of the project ranging from tableware, furniture to craft innovation, while an exhibition was curated at Taiwan Designers’ Week’16 as a debut, to further collect customers’ feedback for future development.
JIN HO Design Project is just a beginning. It provides a new perspective and experience between the collaboration of design and local industry. Moreover, all participants can benefits as well as a reference for future innovation and developments!