ON MY WAY - Treat every journey with good design

Travel has been part of modern lifestyle rather than just sensory experience. Everything experienced in a journey will be perfectly treasured, and at right moments it comes back to warm one’s heart, and give reasons for travellers to start the next journey. The exhibition “ON MY WAY” is organized by Taiwan Designers’ Web, which carefully included four themed travel routes for people who want to explore the city. Essential travel items designed by Taiwanese designers are selected to accompany each route, which will guarantee a pleasant trip that one will fall in love with the city Taipei.

Taiwan Designers’ Web, the organizer of Taiwan designers’ Week, hoping to showcase Taiwanese design to the world.


Exhibitors :
TreAsia/tripleliving studio/Paper Shoot/22 design studio/CHORD/BLACK TAILORS/RayDot/MXI/GR- GreenRoom Ideas Cooperation/ Ushowdesign/Zu WATCH™/inBlooom/TreeCrayon/Truvii/+10/GOURD/mininch/urban prefer/Moozer Design

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