Natural Symbiosis by Paper Cutting & Design

at Luodong Cultural Working House

“Cut” is the creative action to deconstruct; “paper” is the medium to deconstruct.


”Paper Cutting & Design” is a group of designers with a shared mission to promote creativity through design. With a variety of themes, they interpret the heritage of paper cutting craft and care toward the motherland.


Plants and trees in the nature are abundant source of material for creation, however the presentation and styles varies depending on the techniques of the designers. The exhibition “Natural Symbiosis” emphasizes the relationships between human and the nature, echoing the rich natural resources and forest in Yilan.


The main elements of paper cutting animals of this exhibition are created by the designer Wuba Yang, who is specializing in creating simple yet playful plants and animals. Selected works at the exhibition includes classic pieces and new creations, made by dozens of designers. Lighting and shadow effects are also used to complete the visual concept of the exhibition.


“Natural Symbiosis” by “Paper Cutting & Design” at Luodong Cultural Working House.
29 Nov,2016 – 12 Feb,2017