2016 TWDW


Journey of _______
Curiosity opens up the unknown adventure,
motivating the journey of exploration that derived from the passion for life.
Let us see how design impacts the world and bring happiness to our lives.
Paying tribute to good design, the theme of Taiwan Designers’ Week 15’ is “Exploration” as every piece of good design worth exploring and has trial-and-error story behind the stage. ” Journey of ______” symbolizes how designers make observations, discover needs, search for solutions, and their never-give-up attitude to achieve the end result. We leave the definition blank to invite you to name the journey of design from your own perspective.


The birth of Taiwan Designers’ Week (TWDW) derives from the observations and reflections of Taiwan’s industrial environment by the local designers. Over the years, TWDW has been growing with Taiwanese designers as we have also witnessed the change of the design environment. We hope to encourage the creative drives further which we believe that design has the potential to allows us to re-evaluate our lives. “Let’s Talk” about design to unlock more conversation between people, discover “Design & Beyond” its boundaries. “Share” good design with everyone and “Enjoy” what design can bring. While designers “Care” about people’s needs and “Wish” to provide solutions to problems, it will eventually become a positive “Flow” that can be “Around” us. What designers can do is “Unlimited” as constant “Exploration” is continued. All the inspirations, elements and resources will come together and bring the society with great “Impact”.

Taiwan Designers’ Week ‘16
23 Sep – 2 Oct
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.