2011 New Taipei household supplies Design Competition

New Taipei City on the table

New Taipei City is full of cultural energy in the region, from the ceramic industry of Yingge, indigo dyeing of Sanxia, glass craft of Tamsui, stone carving of Bali, to the aboriginal Atayal weaving…etc, these materials bred abundant creative energy and are endless supply of inspiration. The competition was themed as “restaurant kitchen”, encouraging participants to incorporate local elements into their works and to feature distinctive New Taipei City’s character.  

IMG_1579 拷貝

Through press conference and various media outlets to promote the core value of the competition, more than 200 pieces of work were received. The exhibition of selected works were held at Yong’an Arts Center in New Taipei City, delivering dynamic design energy in the region.


And the outcome of the exhibition held in the beautiful Yongan living museum , the new Taipei colorful tourism and cultural energy transfer to the public through the design work and the exhibition atmosphere.