Design Cinema / 設計影展

Hi! Thank you for paying attention to this event! Sorry to inform you that this event will be stopped briefly this year.

Each events of Taiwan Designers’ Week (TWDW) would be a little different per annum; some will be suspended and some will be released.We have carried our shared concept of design promotion, observed the design industry dynamic since 2007, as well as accumulated the feedback from the participation of different sectors, re-planning constantly and looking for new possibilities in order to bringing about TWDW every year. This year, we do a little adjustment to some events, hoping to gather more power and bringing forward to innovation during these projects had hold back.

Our lovely friends who encouraged TWDW: we are looking forward to seeing you stay with us and supporting Taiwanese design together.




“Design Cinema” hopes to break the media limitations of products and graphic design presentations. By watching the international well-known documentary of design, you can understand the different design disciplines, such as visual design, product design, urban design, and architecture and fashion design. We hope the audiences can think beyond the traditional mindset, and discover the crucial design thinking process behind every design works.