The concept of design encompasses shape and aesthetic. It can be a vital drive that is able to create opportunities and possibilities to people, it can unlock imagination, be stimulating, interactive and reflective. Its ongoing influence can travel through time with or without people’s awareness. Therefore we believe in design’s potential in injecting positive energy into the society, and that’s what we called impact.

Words from the Convenor

廖軍豪 Timothy Liao

The birth of Taiwan Designers’ Week (TWDW) derives from the observations and reflections of Taiwan’s industrial environment by the local designers. Over the years, TWDW has been growing with Taiwanese designers as we have also witnessed the change of the design environment. We hope to encourage the creative drives further which we believe that design has the potential to allows us to re-evaluate our lives. “Let’s Talk” about design to unlock more conversation between people, discover “Design & Beyond” its boundaries. “Share” good design with everyone and “Enjoy” what design can bring. While designers “Care” about people’s needs and “Wish” to provide solutions to problems, it will eventually become a positive “Flow” that can be “Around” us. What designers can do is “Unlimited” as constant “Exploration” is continued. All the inspirations, elements and resources will come together and bring the society with great “Impact”.

Exhibitions & Programs of TWDW'16

TWDW Presents

TWDW Presents provides a perspective of current design trends and phenomenon. Selected Taiwanese designers are invited to interpret the theme of the year, exploring possibilities of design along with the main theme.

Country Focus

《Country Focus》is a brand new project launched exclusively for the 10th edition of Taiwan Designers’ Week.
Israeli industrial designer Itay Ohaly is invited to curate the exhibition in collaboration with Holon Institute of
Technology, presenting 42 works from 39 designers, which brings a precious opportunity for audience to learn
about the context of modern Israeli design.

Theme Zone

“Theme Zone” links the different themes produced by designers from Taiwan and overseas. It explains how they connect people, living, and space through their works. That one may make people comprehend how designers observe the life and environment carefully from different positions, probing more ingenious possibility, and understand the theme more thoroughly during the interactions with designers, being touched by the unique philosophy and creativities.

3X3 Design Show

“3X3 Design Show” assembles the domestic and international design teams, brands and organizations, by presenting in the atmosphere of annual theme; it distinguishes itself from the traditional selling demonstrations. The exhibitors can exert the 9 square meter space to present its brand, iconic product and the newest design, it vividly delivers the concepts and the philosophy of the design, and we expect every audience to see the core value of the brand outside the commercial market.

Rising Star

Rising Star offers a platform for everyone to show his/her talent, with no restrictions on backgrounds and age, so as to encourage and create greater potential on design.

Design Knowledge

Reading a book is like walking into a new world, a good book will lead you to endless aftertastes. Just as the guide of extensive reading of Taiwan Designers’ Week, we will present some selections to our design fans like you, escalating the depth and breadth of design consciousness, even approach to design thinking in our daily life.

Let’s Talk Design

“Let’s Talk Design” is about the inspiration, phenomenon and trend of creation, and pass on the previous and international experience. Through inviting domestic and international designers, curators, estheticians to join the forum, we hold face-to-face communications, and discover the correlations between “human”, “events” and “objects”, we reinterpret the definition of design and create the new mindset of design.

Design Salon

asual gatherings for designers to share their life and future towards design. Without restricting the subjects, all kinds of stories are welcomed and idea exchanges are encouraged. Come and join our Design Salon to be part of the design stories!

Design Workshop

The design workshop allows you to exert your left and right brain, brainstorming and feeling the temperature from the materials by “doing” with hands. Design workshop invites you to come and enjoy the infinite possibilities of design!

Design Links

When you are walking in this city, rise your head and take a look of the view around you, in the design season, we collect numerous design teams and organizations, in the name of design, we unrestrainedly repaint the city, and discover perfect life style belonged to this city.

Open House

Do designers always work days and nights? Are those the refrigerators in the design companies all full of beers? Is it true that the design companies all use luxurious furniture? Every year we collect a variety of design studios and companies, you can get a glimpse of the mysterious life style in the design companies and studios. As for those rumors, come to the “Open House” and see it yourself.

Buy Design

Where can I find the original products displayed at TAIWAN DESIGNERS’ WEEK? Wait no more! Your purchase is the motivations of designers to go mass production. Simply visit the website of uDesign, everything you fancy is just few clicks away!

Go Design

It is a guide introducing all “trendy” sites of Taipei City, furniture shops, design hotels, coffee shops, all kinds of hangouts that designers would “buzz” about.