About Taiwan Designers’ Week

Initialed in 2007, Taiwan Designers’ Week (TWDW) has become one of the most remarkable design events in Taiwan, and also the largest annual design exhibition organized by non-governmental sector.

Each year, more than 200 Taiwanese and international designers with diverse background joined TWDW exhibitions creating original works, including industrial designers, graphic designers, interior designers and fashion designers. Also, TWDW established partnership and sponsorship with many companies concerning for design and culture. TWDW has been evolving and reaching out to overseas cities such as DesignTide in Tokyo (2012), D’Days in Paris (2014), SHOWCASE in Tokyo (2014) and DMY Berlin (2014), where we were exhibiting the originality of Taiwanese designs.

The mission of TWDW is to establish a platform for Taiwanese designers to show their talents and to present the relationship between design and its cultural contexts. In previous TWDW events, more than 700 design works inspired by different facets of life and culture were presented. In these works, we can see the handcrafts and materials from the old world are given modern meanings; the chaos of the local culture becomes a clue for re-exploring the texture of living.

For more information, please visit: http://www.designersweek.tw/