TWDW FEATURE – O2O / Open to Opportunity

Theme Zone
主動跨界合作藉助各類電商、群眾募資平台,甚至自己創造與消費者直接對話到銷售的O2O機制,設計師以更加開放的思考與行動模式,促進自有的好概念更直接與消費者對話,並為自己創造更加開放的商業機會,帶進設計的O2O – Open to Opportunity。
O2O, meaning “online presence and offline presence, two-way integration”, which is a business model that provide consumers with a more convenient and diversified experience. O2O is not only enhancing the products’ sales, but also highlighting consumers’ demand. Furthermore, it breaks the established pattern of designing, from product development to the distribution of offline channels. Designers initiate cross-field collaboration with the help of E-commerce and crowdfunding site, some even create their own O2O mechanism which is able to communicate directly with consumers. Designers who think and act with an open mind show their ideas directly to the customers that open up a dialogue with them, and therefore create more business opportunities, bringing the design of O2O – Open to Opportunity.