A Day at the Museum 我在以色列霍隆設計博物館的一天

Taiwan Design Forum


9/28(Sat)上午 10:30-11:50

主講:以色列霍隆設計博物館首席策展人暨發展總監特助 Tomer Spector
與談:台灣創意設計中心董事長 張基義

首席策展人暨發展總監特助Tomer Spector,早在博物館籌備期間即進入館內服務,至今已近11個年頭。他更身兼多職的擔任對外國際代表,親自經手館內大大小小的各式展覽與活動。本次我們特別邀請他來台,透過他的視角,看看館內一天的工作生活,同時深入了解霍隆計博物館背後的運作機制,以作為借鏡學習的機會。


Design Museum Holon is the first museum devoted to design in Israel. Since its opening in 2010, it has quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading museums of design and contemporary culture. The museum is housed in an iconic building designed by the architect Ron Arad, which holds special significance in the city’s cultural landscape. With more than 30 inspiring exhibitions and programs held since its doors opened, it never fails to inspire and challenge designers as well as the general public.

Tomer Spector, who has run and organized exhibitions in the museum for more than a decade, will share his experiences at the Design Museum Holon, allowing us to have an insight into an exciting and challenging job, in one of the most beautiful museums in the world.