Theme Zone





Graphic design class initiated from design education because a great amount of graduate students would face problems that companies ask for working experience as the basic requirement. However, without the first chance of working experience, how can they get the know-how and record to put in on the resume? Thus, we initiated the program of small classroom, hoping we can help students to accomplish more complete works.

People came to the class from different background; however, it’s a good start and good collision of information since with the different background knowledge, people communicate with each other based on different angles and perspectives. Nevertheless, thought with different background, people have the same passion toward learning and design.

We use three months to conduct a design and observation program by applying indicator system as the theme of public areas. In the program, it includes Astronomical Museum, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Shilin Night market, Taipei Children Amusement Park, Taipei Sports Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Fort San Domingo and Daan Forest Park. By learning and observing different features of public areas, we hope students pay attention to the design in the environment. In this way, it can help students know more about the surroundings as well as arouse students’ interest of design.