Country Focus

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Adital Ela
Designer| Adital Ela | Criaterra Innovations

CRIATERRA is a collection of BIO Furniture and artifacts from compressed earth and natural fibers. Our collection of tiles and unique furniture pieces are 100% organic, require zero energy and are fully renewable and compostable.

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Concrete, acrylic glass, LED / 2016
Designer | SturlesiDesign (Amit Sturlesi)

A modern take on the classic ‘Edison’ light bulb.

Anastasia Kud拷貝
Vertical Garbage City
Designer | Anastasia Kud

Based on Maslow’s “Hierarchy of needs”. In this project I envisioned a recycling society that doesn’t support innovation or wastefulness.

new Bar Albert
Designer |Bar Albert

Jewelry collection inspired by clamps.

Bakery Studio
Hafucha Tables
Designer | Bakery Studio

A table turned inside out.

Royal Foil
Designer | Aya Zehavi

Tableware series made 100% of aluminum foil.

An exploration of the boundaries and contradictions between raw material and product, cheap and expensive, disposable and long lasting.

new Ben Broyde拷貝
Designer | Ben Broyde

A part of a pendulum clock collection, designed to invigorate a vanishing, nostalgic object.

Embodying the tales and memories from our grandfathers house, this clock makes a comeback to our time.

PowerPoint Presentation
Designer | Carla Rataus

If you were asked to draw a pair of scissors, how would they look like?

This project is a research into scissors archetype, looking for new and different perspective on an iconic, everyday object.

Cuzi Studio
3D printed Focus Light
Designer | COZÌ Studio (Yuval Carmel & Ofir Zandani)

3D printed texture, designed to gradually expand in sync with the light source.

David Budznik
Wooden Creatures
Designer | David Budznik

Toys made out of wooden scraps. Like animals and people, the toys are different from one another, while looking very similar.

Dudi Tabori
Leather. Leftovers. Shoes.
Designer | Dodi Tabori

The production process of leather shoes creates a large amount of leather scraps. This project offers a simple way of reusing leather leftovers in shoe design.

Efi Ganor
Weaved Seats
Designer | Efi Ganor

The project unites and bonds tradition, shape and technology. Placing a material that contains the DNA of old tradition and culture in a new context and form.

Eilon Armon
Rocking chair
Designer |Eilon Armon

Abandoned, broken and defective bicycle frames, that can no longer be used for transportation, are given another lease on life in a new chair design.

Einat Kirschner
Designer |Einat Kirschner

A Hamsa (a palm-shaped amulet, recognized and used as a sign of protection) that incorporates both Eastern and European design aesthetics in order to present the complexity of the social texture of the Israeli people.

Einat Leader
Designer |Prof. Einat Leader

A series of souvenirs following a metaphoric wandering in family histories, while examining their reflection in local culture.

new Guy Bar Sinai
The Israeli combination
Designer | Guy Bar-Sinai

The stool and the table are part of a project which offers a new and contemporary interpretation to the Israeli design values.

Hadar Glick
In-between vase, part of the series “Six”
Designer | Hadar Glick, Design and Culture

The vase expresses the loss of a loved person; it emphasizes the different use of flowers in our homes and at the cemetery. The vase references a block of marble, but from a bird’s view, the familiar shape of a vase is revealed.

Hila Shamia
Limited Edition cypress Small Wood Casting™ Console
Designer | Hilla Shamia Design Studio

This console was made in a unique technique called Wood Casting™, which combines

aluminum or brass with natural wood. It seeks to capture the unpredictable and

dramatic encounter between the two very different natural elements.

Ira Rozhavsky
SOTU - pendant lighting fixture
Designer |Ira Rozhavsky

“Sotu” light fixture is constructed of broken tempered glass and a polymer compound, which incorporates handmade workmanship and advanced technology. The lamp represents a new and fresh view on one of the oldest materials in the world, glass, which with this interpretation becomes alive,tactile and mesmerising. Despite being a part of a series, each lamp is unique.

Johnathan Hopp1
What the processor might think of the teacup
Designer | Johnathan Hopp

The cups are designed in a simple 3d computer program, and cast inside laser cut paper molds.

Johnathan Hopp2
Designer | Johnathan Hopp

A global village made up of miniatures of buildings from around the world, on a mass produced porcelain platter.

maor Ahron拷貝
Matter of Motion
Designer | Maor Aharon

“Matter of Motion” is an experiment dealing with the relationship between materials, motion, and shape. It focuses on centrifugal motion and examines how different parameters such as velocity, acceleration, and radius of rotation affect different materials.

Maya Ben David
Digital Garden
Designer | Maya Ben David

Digital Garden is an ongoing project which explores the tension between nature, culture and technology. A collection of plates presenting 3d flowers scans motifs, serves as a medium, triggering us to consider the digital language as an emerging contemporary tradition.

Netta Ashery拷貝
Tube to Ring
Designer | Netta Ashery

An experimental project exploring the transformation of brass tubes into rings. A series of structural rings, created using classical metalsmithing techniques, in consideration of the structure and characteristics of the metal tubes.

Painful houses Cemetery
Designer | Nissan Warschawski

This projects examines the concept of “houses” through the homes I have designed and lived in. Placing them one next to the other, resembling tombs and graves, as evidence of memory remains.

National geoconflict
Designer | Noam Locker

The short film tells the story of a family of rabbits living between the regions of the western Negev and the gaza strip and their journey to find security and peacefulness.

Ofer Zick拷貝
Under light burns
Designer | Ofer Zick Art and Design

When your light shines it leaves marks and traces on everything and everyone near you.

even when you’re gone.

Ori Ben Zvi拷貝
In-between side table
Designer | Ori Ben-Zvi , Yuval Eshel (R.I.P) for Studio Ubico

In-between attempts to deal with the moment beforeafter exiting or entering the house. That slight confusion of shifting between spaces and states of being, calls for a moment of adjustment.

Designer |Reddish (Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman)

An integration between archaeological clay fragments and anonymous contemporary vessels.

Designer |Reddish (Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman)

A typology exploration of a mundane material creating delicate vessels.

Rotem Banai
The Piggy bank project
Designer |Rotem Banai

A part of piggy banks collection, that explore the old and familiar object and offer new interpretations relating to its values and features.

new Rotem Nahum拷貝
Framed Stains
Designer |Rotem Nahum

A series of brooches that perform as a “Second Aid kit” in situations where a garment

Is stained in an inconvenient place or time. The Stain is an integral part of the brooch and becomes a framed decoration.

new Shany Dvora
Designer |Shany Dvora

Concealedesigns presents an alternative design reality to that of the days of early statehood, asking how Israel’s major symbols would look if immigrants from Arab countries had designed them. The items showcased here; Israeli flag, Israeli passport and 5 shekel bill, were chosen out of a whole to represent an even bigger exhibition.

Shay Zucker拷貝
Designer |‬Shay Zucker

In the summer of 2014‭, ‬war operations were carried out between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority‭.‬ The project showcases a visual interpretation of real written civilian accounts‭: ‬Moments spent in public shelters‭, ‬temporary stairway safe spaces‭, ‬and other hideouts responding to the sirens of the war‭.

new Shlomit Bauman
Local palette
Designer |Shlomit Bauman

The work “Local palette” is part of a large research about local Israeli clay, representing the elusive search for locality.

Sholi Strauss拷貝
Designer |Sholi Strauss & Studio Kahn

Omah comes from a non-existent culture, it tells factious true tale about itself. The work was made as part of a blind correspondence experiment between two design studios, when one studio sent a part to the other, and the recipient continued the work.

Talila Abraham
Eastern Candy charcoal lace
“Chaos M Bowl”
Designer |Metalace (Talila Abraham)

A translation of lace and nature patterns into contemporary material while creating illusion of movement.

Tamir Shefer拷貝
Designer |Tamir Shefer

“Two”- A large scale personal diary about relationships and life, a projected collage of thoughts of the artist’s daily life

Udi Cramsky拷貝
Designer |Udi Cramsky

The gaps of scenery as if reflected views from small ponds of water in between the landmarks.

The molding of childhood landscapes as if burnt in the artist consciousness.

Yehuda Hofshi拷貝
Genesis - Layers of Sound
Designer |Yehuda Hofshi

The project delves into the aspect of sound in the bible, as a holy text book. By removal of the letters from Genesis chapter One, punctuation marks and cantillation notes representing the pronunciation and intonation of the text is emphasized. The accompanying sound of the work demonstrates the sung version of the text. The basis of this work is “Horev” bible, Designed by Zvi Narkis in 1999.

Zachi Diner
Digital Flowerbed
Designer |OYOYOY (Zachi Diner)

This flowerbed is collecting real-time negative reactions coming from Twitter posts. Every time a negative impression, post or word is Twitted, a new leaf or a flower is generated in the flowerbed. Click the leaves to reveal the post that fertilized it.


《Country Focus》is a brand new project launched exclusively for the 10th edition of Taiwan Designers’ Week. Israeli industrial designer Itay Ohaly is invited to curate the exhibition in collaboration with Holon Institute of Technology, presenting 42 works from 39 designers, which brings a precious opportunity for audience to learn about the context of modern Israeli design.