Gutter Glitter地下亮點-丹麥藝術家Gitte Nygaard當代首飾個展

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『MANO 慢鏝』當代首飾創作及策展團隊,“MANO” 是義大利文中「手」的意思,試圖以不同的概念形式去體現藝匠們的巧思與心力,以同是手藝人的角度來延續和推展當代工藝手作的精神與價值,致力為這個後工業化冰冷社會迎回手造的溫暖與美感。

『MANO 慢鏝選東西』是團隊以「手造」為出發點的概念選品店,發掘台灣及國際上具潛力的創作者,不定期舉辦展覽、講座、pop-up shop 等等活動,希望讓創作過程裡投入情感揉捏的故事百態被看見。選品品項除了當代首飾之外,另有立體物件、陶瓷、玻璃、織品、手工包款等不同類別產品。

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丹麥金工藝術家Gitte Nygaard 更本能性地看待行走,打開五感去發掘一般人所忽略的物件或概念,轉化為個人的藝術創作,創造出新的印記, 她行走於居住的阿姆斯特丹街頭,在狂歡後的城市街頭巷尾探尋那地下亮點:陰溝裡閃亮亮的物件,光亮的小容器 – 代表歡宴後的殘餘,也是人類逃避現實和尋求一時快樂的基本需要,藝術家以自己的語言轉化這城市歡愉後的廢棄物,在重新創造的路上她遵循兩個規則:悠閒地擁抱這個旅程,而其他的就留給偶然 ; 在過程裡建構了自己的新城市,看不見的風景決定了看得見的風景。

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The classic division is between the body (and feet) as nature and the mind (and hands) as culture. When our ancestors Homo Erectus first stood up their hands and minds were free to craft, to create, to mold, shape and civilize the world around us. The walking body inhabits the world, but the thinking mind acts upon it.

But what is left out is ‘the rhetoric of walking’. Walking is in fact an act of communication that has a grammar and a style all of its own. How people navigate spaces, the routes they choose and the ones they ignore, where they pause, falter, stop, rush and hang around can tell us a great deal about their relationship to the environment they inhabit. People ‘think through their feet’ and the body expresses things in a way that words cannot. Our two feet are carrying us through life, and to walk is an integrated part of our metaphorical relation to ourselves and to the world around us.

On the other hand, without physically moving, we are ‘Idlers’ all the time- zapping from channel to channel, wandering on the internet, buying on amazon, busy with Facebook. It’s not about showing up at the park in our Sunday best, we dress-up our profile and create our identity on social media, therefore we exist. We all ‘idle’ around constantly, in a never-ending stream of sensory input and experiences that we don’t really engage ourselves in but pass through 24/7, and do not really deal with the ethical but simply the aesthetical.

I have walked the streets of Amsterdam and discovered what was right under my feet, glittering objects in the gutter, shiny and tiny containers, leftovers of festivities – an outcome of the basic human need for escapism and joy. I have followed two rules, taking time and embraced the journey, and left the rest up to serendipity.


Gutter Glitter地下亮點-丹麥藝術家Gitte Nygaard當代首飾個展

Gutter Glitter – solo show by Gitte Nygaard






活動地點|MANO 慢鏝選東西