IP-Key to an Innovation Economy 設計文創關鍵字-IP經濟深度剖析

Taiwan Design Forum

9/28(Sat)下午 14:30-15:50

主講:福福好創意有限公司執行長 洪佳吟


IP縮寫自Intellectual Property,意即智慧財產權。IP不僅限於平面圖像領域,只要是握有智慧財產權的內容創作者,都是IP經濟下的潛在贏家。常見的「授權」,就是內容創作者運用IP,將自己的創作交付給授權單位,進而賺取權利金的一種行銷方式。

在IP產業鏈中各據不同位置的內容創作者、設計師、被授權商、通路商,要如何看待自己在產業鏈上的角色,以共創IP的最大價值? 福福好創意有限公司從原創的的角色與圖像創作和自創品牌開始,一路累積角色肖像授權、展覽周邊設計製作、國際IP行銷及授權等實戰經歷,將和我們分享台灣授權商及被授權商的產業現況及商機觀察。


What exactly is IP? 

The abbreviation IP stand for Intellectual Property. Therefore it refers to the rights of an idea or design. It is not only limited to the field of graphics or 2D images. If the licensor (person or company with legal rights over a product or idea) has IP rights, this licensor has the opportunity to enter the IP Economy. The common licensing of IP is a marketing method in which licensor uses IP to deliver their own creations to authorized units and earn royalties.


How do the licensor, designers, licensees, and distributors view their roles in the industry chain in order to create the greatest value? Let’s find out from Foufou Creative. Foufou Creative is a company that established creating its own original characters and self-owned brands. They accumulated experience in role licensing, exhibition design, international IP marketing, etc. Foufou Creative will share with us their view of the current status and business opportunities of Taiwanese licensors and licensees.