Classics and Beyond: The JIA Story 用設計延續JIA的故事

Taiwan Design Forum

9/28(Sat)下午 13:00-14:20

主講:品家家品設計總監 洪忠權
與談:《La Vie》雜誌主編 方敘潔

以東方文化為底蘊的品家家品,以「華人人文,家庭溫暖」為品牌核心,專注於提供優質設計為生活創造體驗。JIA的作品將創新融入經典,其強烈的文化辨識度,甚至被國際知名博物館與百貨收藏。JIA的成功除了深厚的產業加工經驗與know how,更在於其關注人文、跨越新舊、超越東西的品牌理念。


JIA Inc. focuses primarily on culture. When it was established it was based on Chinese culture, while inviting an international team of designers to bring forth ideas from both the Eastern and Western world. The main focus was on providing quality design to create a better experience for life. Their work incorporates new innovations into the classic designs, and its products are even collected by internationally renowned museums and department stores. In addition to its industry experience and know how, JIA Inc.’s success lies in its human-centered philosophy, spanning old and new.

In recent years, JIA Inc. has actively expanded into the international design scene. One of the great examples is the cooperation with world famous Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, who’s reinterpretation of the traditional Chinese pots has been influential in taking JIA Inc. to the next level. In this talk, we will learn about the secrets and experiences behind the product development through the perspective of Spencer Hung, the design director of JIA Inc..See for yourself how everyday objects can transform your life through design.