Exhibition or Activism? Curation & Innovation 是展覽還是社會運動? 雜學校的策展與創新

Taiwan Design Forum

9.29 (Sun) 上午10:30-11:50

主講:雜學校創辦人 蘇仰志
與談:台灣設計師連線總召集人 廖軍豪


Za Share is an outstanding event that was initiated by a non-governmental organization. It focuses on making educational differences. Under the innovative thinking of the founder of Za Share, Mr. Ozzie Su, the event has started to attract a lot of attention.

To promote education with a different approach, he tried to transform Za Share and sell it as intellectual property in order to expand and promote the brand. In this talk, he will share the challenges he faced and also how his idea changed the definition of education to turn the exhibition into a social movement.