Reduce, Reuse, Redesign: TPCreative’s Take on Circular Economy 循環經濟的理性與感性:TPCreative的資源再生之路

Taiwan Design Forum

9/28(Sat)下午 16:00-17:20

主講:台電文創新事業開發室文創事業課課長 張小燕
與談:衍象設計實驗室FabCraft Design Lab創辦人 闞凱宇



Taiwan Power Company tries to flip the idea of a power company around with its new project “TPCreative”. They are rethinking the definition of waste and resources by collaborating with the design community. With the core values of participation, communication, perception and collaboration, TPCreative is creating a collection of products that are generated through waste recycling with the concept of “design diversion and recycling”.

Through deconstructing and analyzing the materials of the power supply network, and understanding the characteristics and production context, TPCreative began to conduct material experiments and product development. The rich resources and assets of TPCreative were reinterpreted by a group of designers, allowing the so-called “waste” to be reinvented and reused. This lecture will give you an in-depth understanding of how “TPCreative” goes about to minimize the impact on the environment and flourished in the trend of circular economy.