The Exploration of “HAPTIC DESIGN” 什麼是「觸覺設計」?

Taiwan Design Forum

9.29 (Sun) 下午13:00-14:20

主講:日本應慶義塾大學媒體設計研究所教授 南澤孝太
與談:華碩設計中心資深研究員 蔡敦仁




Haptic is a physical sensation of human beings, it allows us to connect with the world through our bodies. As we receive all kinds of stimuli from different events, people or objects, our bodies work like a “sensor" to perceive emotions as feedback, such as joy and sadness. Therefore, Haptic Design touches on applications of sense of touch, in other words, it’s the interface that sees the body as a medium to link ourselves to the world. 


Professor Kouta Minamizawa has been devoted to the research and development of Haptic Design in Japan. In this talk, he will share his insights and case studies on how personal haptic experiences can be expanded and elevated through technology.