TWDW Presents / 大會主題展


 “TWDW Presents” invites the eminent curator of Taiwan design industry, breaking the boundaries of graphic, products, art and photography, by using various presenting means, it will make you more understand manifold possibilities of the exhibition’s themes. 

Curator / biaugust (Jui-Hao Chuang & Chen-Yun Lu)



This year, for the theme of Taiwan Designers’ Week, “Around”, we specially invited designers from various design fields, including product design, graphic design, fashion design, metalwork design, illustrations, photography, and etc. We hope the participating designers can think in the aspect of “human” and “life”, to observe the phenomenon, events, people, objects among us; to discover more creative possibilities, eventually, turn the problems and sentiments into inspirations, in order to provide the manifold insights and solutions. With the unique taste of forms, materials, color, creativity, and functionality from the designers, it enables visitors to realize how “design” plays a medium of people and people, people and space, people and life. 

Furthermore, the designer was inspired by the form of Chinese character “回”, and applied it to the double floor exhibition space, with the image of ascending and descending the stairs, going in and out the exhibition, it can create an atmosphere of infinite cycle. While visitors are appreciating the design works, not only will they be entertained by the circular environment, but they also can feel the feeling of being surrounded when they ascend to the top floor. We hope by proving the unique exhibition space and design works, visitors can understand the spirit and meaning behind “Around”, meanwhile, being embraced by the unique philosophy and creativity of the designers.  

Material Mobile
波光 Ripple、Shadow Clock
幸運水果 Lucy fruits
垃圾板塊 Garbage mainland
  • 作品名稱:垃圾板塊 Garbage mainland
  • 設計師:李育昇 Yu-Shen Li
  • Website:
  • 作品簡介:
不同的風景 Different Ways of Seeing
水的形態 The Form of Water
圓心 ‧ 半徑 Spin Ligh
No Matter What
疊影珠簾 Superimposed Screen
紋 texture
P計畫 Project P
  • 作品名稱:P計畫 Project P
  • 設計師:陳呂維 Lu-Wei Chen
  • Website:
  • 作品簡介:
披著真皮的餐具 TABLE ZOO
沒有週末的月曆 weekendless calendar
鏡花轉轉 Mirrorscope
「文化置入」系列瓷器 Culture Placement Collection
紙漆空間 LAKKA Spatial Surfaces
虛實之間 Between virtual and reality